The Kiwi Business Network


The Kiwi Business Network (KBN) is being constructed through business partners around New Zealand to enable us to promote and help grow “Kiwi” owned businesses.  This project is based on “Localisation” as we like to call it, its focus is to help our Kiwi members in local projects grow their business.

We plan to do this with a regional approach that links into a larger national network.  The goals are simple;

  • Promote local businesses (Kiwi Owned)

  • Establish marketing networks that help these businesses grow

  • Establish Business mastermind groups that help businesses learn from each other

  • Make it affordable for every Kiwi business to participate

The Kiwi Business Network works locally but will also look to establish a national marketing network for members who have services and products to offer around New Zealand.  

We will build our networks in three stages;

1.    Build local business networks which use the collective approach outlined in this document.  Working closely with local Chamber of Commerce and a dedicated Business Partner/s with the vision to drive this initiative locally in their area.

2.    Establishing a Regional / National Network by allowing members from local networks to tap into the partner marketplaces established around the country.  In most cases we will have a regional network that all local business can immediately tap into.

3.    Establish a Co-ordinated business led approach to attracting opportunities and business offshore, while also looking to create collective buying power or those local businesses who rely on products from overseas for their business.

There really is nothing wrong with Globalisation if we learn to control it better and protect our local businesses first- this is what the Kiwi Business Network is all about.

Hutt Valley Today is a member of the Kiwi Business Network.